Grab a New Arizer Vaporizer in the Summer Sale and Save up to 25%

Grab a New Arizer in the Summer Sale and Save up to 25%

If you’re looking to pick up a new vaporizer for the summer, all Arizers are on sale, including the camping-ready...

This sale has expired, but make sure to check out our 2023 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sales and our Black Friday Cyber Monday Roundup 2023.

Looking for a light, breezy vape to take with you on some sunny day adventures? The whole Arizer vaporizer line is on sale for the summer, bringing even better value to an already excellent lineup.

The sales have already begun, and are running until further notice. Check them out in the Planet of the Vapes store.

Arizer ArGo $349.99 NOW $159.99

Arizer Air $194.99 NOW $89.95

Arizer Air II $289.99 NOW $159.95

Arizer Solo $194.99 NOW $99.95

Arizer Solo II $349.99 NOW $169.99

Arizer Extreme Q $299.99 NOW $179.99

Arizer V Tower $199.99 NOW $124.99

If you’re curious what the Arizer line has to offer, we have a brief rundown on all of the discounted products.

The long-lasting Solo 2

There’s a lot to like about the Arizer Solo 2. It can reach 390° F in just 23 seconds, its battery lasts almost three hours, and the glass stems do an excellent job maintaining your herb’s natural flavors. It’s available during the sale for just $154.99, well below its $169.99 suggested retail.

Swappable batteries in the Air 2

The Air 2 and Solo 2 have remarkably similar vapor, and the major difference comes down to power. While the Solo 2 lasts just short of three hours on a single charge, the Arizer Air 2 only runs for about 75 minutes, but its standard 18650 batteries are easily swappable, so you can carry extras and pop them in. For the summer, it costs $179.99, instead of its usual $289.99 price tag.

A more pocketable option

The newest Arizer vaporizer, the ArGo, conceals the glass stem within the vaporizer body when not in use. As a result, it’s more pocketable than the other Arizer portables, while still highlighting flavor. It’s marked down from $159.99 to just $149.99, an appealing discount.

The classic offerings

If you’re looking to save a little cash, the original Solo and Air are also on sale. The Air and Solo are slightly more restrictive in terms of airflow, but still boast a similar solid design and interchangeable glass stems. They have preset temperature settings, as opposed to the digital controls found on the Air 2 and Solo 2. The more compact Arizer Air will run you $131.24 during the sale, and the Solo is just $108.74.

Two desktop towers

If you don’t mind sitting near an outlet, Arizer’s desktop vaporizers are also included in the summer fun. The V-Tower and Extreme Q have similar design and heat elements, with some differences in controls, extra features, and bundled accessories. The V-Tower provides everything you need for basic whip use at just $113.99. The Extreme Q vaporizer includes a remote, extra lighting, more auto shut-off controls, and a fan for inflating bags, among a bunch of other accessories, for $164.99.

The sale is underway

The price drops are already in effect across the web, and in the Planet of the Vapes store. Shipping is free on all Arizer vaporizers, and we'll even throw in some goodies. Everything you buy from the Planet of the Vapes store is also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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