Top 420 Vape Deals for 2022

If you want the best of the best 420 dry herb vaporizer deals from all over the web, look no further. We list all of our Planet of the Vapes deals and everyone else's here, too!

Why shop with POTV this 420?

We will update this page as we find new vape deals. If you find any 420 vape discounts that we haven’t listed, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it.

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Sale starts Thursday, April 7th at 11:59PM EST

Storz & Bickel logo

Storz & Bickel
25% OFF

PAX | Dates to be confirmed logo

PAX (April 15th - 20th)
20% OFF

Planet of the Vapes logo

Planet of the Vapes
20% OFF

Arizer logo

$5 to $15 OFF | Lowest price ever!

Puffco logo

15% OFF

DynaVap logo

DynaVap (April 14th-24th)
20% OFF


20% OFF

CCELL logo

20% OFF

Focus Pro logo

Focus Pro
$15 OFF

Boundless logo

20% OFF

Dr Dabber logo

Dr Dabber
15% OFF

Flowermate logo

$15 OFF

Epic Vape logo

Epic Vape
15% OFF

Ditanium logo

15% OFF

DaVinci logo

20% OFF

Sticky Brick Labs logo

Sticky Brick Labs
15% OFF

Shenzhen Crossing logo

Shenzhen Crossing
20% OFF


15% OFF

Accessories logo

20% OFF

Other Vape Retailers/Manufacturers

420 EDC

  • 10% OFF on most of the products - Green2Green Sale with code: GREEN22
  • 5 % OFF on Gear plus - Shop Credit on each purchase for eligible orders.*
  • $42 TiStash in Raw Titanium or Anodized TiStash
  • $42 Titanium Leaf Bead Buy One Get One Integra Boost Packs 8 Pack.

Discounts don't stack or combine

Excludes BonusBox & MegaBox Bundles, TiDice, EDC Vault & Clearance Pages.

*Guest Cart Checkouts are not eligible for the 5% Credit.

420 Science (April - All month long)

  • Spend $120 - Get a FREE 420 Science Grinder ($40 value) with coupon code FREEGRINDER
  • Buy a 420 Science Rolling Tray and get a free 420 Jar with code: FREEJAR
  • Sign up for our 420 Giveaway and win our Welcome to dry herb Kit!

Cream City Vapes (Till April 20th)

  • 25% OFF on most items
  • 30% OFF on some items. No coupon code needed

Dabpress (April 1st - 20th)

  • 20% OFF Sitewide with coupon code: POV20

Delta 3D Studios (April 1st - April 30th)

  • $4.20 OFF ($20 or more) - With coupon code: 22IVXX420
  • 10% OFF ($10 or more) - With coupon code: 22IVXX10P
  • 50% OFF all Mystery Kits! No coupon code needed

    Ditanium (April 13th - April 20th)

    • 25% OFF on all units and Titanium Accessories (excluding glass,quartz products, tubing and screens)

    Dime Bags (April 15th - April 20th)

    • Spend $25, get 15% off with coupon code: FLOWER15
    • Spend $50, get 20% off with coupon code: BROWNIE20
    • Spend $75, get 25% off with coupon code: DAB25

    DynaVap (April 14th - 24th)

    • 20% OFF sitewide with some exclusions

    Eds TNT (April 13th - April 27th)

    • 10% OFF on everything with coupon code 420222

    Enails (April 20th - April 22nd)

    • 10% OFF Sitewide. No coupon code needed

    Great White North Vaporizer Co (April - All month long)

    • Rotating Sales all month long

    Grinders For Life (April 15th - April 30th)

    • 10% OFF Sitewide with code 420sale2022

    (April 11th - April 20th)

    • 15% off and free loading chamber. No coupon code needed

    Magma Industries (All 420 week)

    • 20% OFF on all Volcano Bubblers

    Planet of the Vapes US (April 15th - April 20th)

    • Mostly the same deals as POTV Canada! Fast shipping from the US and POTV Bonus items with all purchases.

    Piece Water Solution (April 19th - April 21st)

    • Just spend a minimum of $35 and get $4.20 OFF with code: 420_OFF22

    Randy's (April 16th - April 22nd)

    • 20% OFF Sitewide

    The Herb Cafe (April 15th - April 20th)

    No codes needed

    • Expedited or Xpress Post - Free shipping available on qualified orders
    • Shipping all across Canada and the United States.
    • All prices are in Canadian dollars.
    • All orders ship from Toronto, ON and same Day Order Processing.

    Slick Vapes

    • 20% OFF on most items with code: 4TWENTY
    • 30% OFF YoCan with code: 4YOCAN

    Sneakypete (April - All month long)

    • Rotating sales all month long

    Sticky Brick Labs (April 11th - April 20th)

    • 20% OFF sitewide with coupon code: SPRING420

    Thick Ass Glass (Till April 20th)

    • 30% OFF sitewide with coupon code: April2022-30

    TVAPE (April 12th - April 21st)


    15% off site-wide.

    20% off on Litl 1: Valid on April 20th only

    Use Code 420SALE-US


    15% off site-wide

    Save up to 75%

    20% off on Litl 1: Valid on April 20th only

    Use Code 420SALE-CA

    VGOODIEZ (Till April 30th)

    10% OFF the following collections with code: 420VGEZ10%

    • ¬†Auber
    • Covert Grinders
    • Ed‚Äôs TnT Accessories
    • Goo Roo Glass
    • Joe King
    • Prrl Labs
    • Vapman

    20% OFF the following collections with code: 420VGEZ20%

    • 7th Floor
    • Vexil by Boundless
    • CVault
    • Disorderly Conduction
    • Ditanuim
    • Elev8 Glass
    • GlassLab 303
    • Grav
    • Hanu Labs
    • Mood Mats
    • Myster
    • Puffco
    • Rogue Wax Works
    • Skillet Tools
    • Storz and Bickel
    • Stickybrick Labs
    • VGoodiEZ Collection
    • ZAM Grinders

    25% OFF the following collections with code: 420VGEZ25%

    • Ispire Daab
    • Ispire Wand



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